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La Belle Equipe

Looking every bit as boutique as the shops on the Champs-Elysees, gyms rarely come as chic as La Belle Équipe, located just a stone's throw from Gare du Nord station and specialising in Thai boxing. Even so, it’s hard to deny the Parisian charm that fills its cosy walls, from neat wooden shelving to light paint and uncluttered décor evoking calmness, serenity and a certain je ne sais quoi few other fitness clubs can match. People battering each other senseless aside, there are also classes tailored to help busy clients deal with stress, fatigue and self-confidence and other knock-on effects of hectic working lifestyles

92 Rue de Charonne, Paris, France


Lifetime Fitness

This is a luxury fitness center that has everything that includes childcare

10642 South Memorial Drive, Tulsa, OK, USA


The Hub

Located in the Downtown Broken Arrow is Great because they are locally owned and have incentives for military members!

507 N Main St, Broken Arrow, OK, USA


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amir khan


Kundan Suryavanshi


Kundan Trainer


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Welcome to Gym Point Average! My name is Thomas Vann, I am from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I was born on the working class side so I knew was to find a job. I wanted something different for my family and I; I am a business student, love networking, and enjoy working out. So with this page, is a platform to help people with finding gyms that best fit them and network with people who are at their respective gym. I still have a long way to go but I want to get my business up and going when I graduate with my MBA in December 2018.

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Gym Point Average is a fitness directory application that helps great people to connect with other at that gym. Fitness communities makes the identity of fitness centers. CrossFit people, Yogis, and Runners are apart of a community.

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